Yankee Candle: A Leading Example in Social Media Management

By examining the social media metrics of leading brands in the candle market, we can learn a lot for generating content and managing our own networks. Yankee Candle, the largest candle manufacturer in the United States, with a network of over 250 stores, is a global reference in the industry and an example of excellent online marketing.

Reviewing the Instagram behavior of @YankeeCandles, we can draw valuable conclusions about their strategies and their impact on the audience. In addition to visual aesthetics and interaction with the community, it is evident that seasonal content plays a crucial role in engaging the audience.

Analyzing the 2023 data, we can highlight that the best post of the year on their Facebook account was a photo of a sweet-scented candle, accompanied by a clever play on words in the text. This post reached an impressive level of engagement with 745 interactions. It is interesting to note that the next posts with the highest engagement were related to Halloween and Christmas, suggesting that seasonal content strategies are effective in capturing the audience’s attention on this platform.

Best Facebook Post:


For younger audiences like those on Instagram, we observe that video content and seasonal content had a significantly greater impact than other types of content. While the highest number of engagements on Facebook was 745, on Instagram, it reached an impressive 2.6 thousand interactions, suggesting that this platform is particularly effective for @YankeeCandles in terms of engagement.

Best Instagram post:

View video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/C0RmhRCucdv/

Other best posts here:

Overall, engagement per post on both platforms is around 530, indicating a consistent level of interaction with the audience. Additionally, throughout 2023, @YankeeCandles’ total interactions on social media, including likes, comments, shares, and other reactions, reached 12 million.

Finally, it is interesting to note that @YankeeCandles follows a more consistent content strategy on Facebook, posting twice as often as on Instagram. This suggests an adaptation to the preferences and behaviors of the audience on each platform, contributing to maintaining a solid and relevant presence in the Latin American market.

Claudia Duque Z.
Communications Committee,

*Metrics taken from Sprout.com

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