The ABC of home office

By: Dr. Germán Retana

“My boss does not support that I work from home, I think he wants to control what I do in person,” said one executive, to which his colleague, from another company, replied: “My boss, on the other hand, encourages it, and in various ways, it strengthens the initiative.” In times of pandemic, home office is a basic modality. Let’s review what we have called the ABC for your success …

A for Auto-empowerment’. In the privacy of your own home, you plan —almost automatically— the schedule, intensity, and the way to accomplish a task. Creativity is the resource used to resolve situations with good judgment, adhering to the values ​​and policies of the organization. Increasing responsibility replaces the need for constant supervision. Managers driven by goals encourage proactive decision-making in their teams. For them, this form of management is also a learning curve. They must model tolerance for errors that eventually occur in any adaptation process. The leaning towards control is replaced by the orientation towards results. Flexibility and clarity in communication will help to increase the commitment of team members.

B for ‘BE well and ‘well BEING’ Both bosses and colleagues are being tested, the routines of the traditional paradigm has changed. Being at home allows for some to improve their family relationship, organize and use their time in a holistic way, focus more on meeting goals than on personal conversations, be versatile, etc.

However, confusing the flexible hours of home office with overworking changes the hours of rest and family life. On the other hand, if you are not up to date in the use of technology, part of the work is done manually, this creates gaps and inefficiencies. Home office voluntary or not, must be synonymous with effectiveness and high performance, without excuses.

C for ‘Commitment’. It is essential for the model to work. Those who do home office must be self-critical, self-efficient, self-entrepreneurial and, especially, self-committed. If you believe in yourself and value the opportunity to work under little supervision, you will be accountable. As a result, you will be trusted – this is your passport to explore further opportunities to advance in your career.

Now, a high dose of trust influences the assumption of greater challenges and risks, reinforces cohesion and a sense of belonging. But home office also demands a professional relationship: clarity in the requirements of those who lead, a balance between regular contact and respect for rest times, adequate technology and connectivity.

Little by little, this new “normality” of the labor relationship becomes a new way of life. The benefits are multiple, and the physical remoteness is compensated by other platforms that facilitate natural personal and informal interaction. Thus, in organizations, three modalities will coexist: a) face-to-face work; b) home office, and c) an appropriate combination of both options.

Flexibility sets the course for the future, are you ready to put this ABC into action?

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