“In 2023 we’ll continue to strengthen the interaction amongst our members” – Isabel Muench

Last November, the ALAFAVE Board of Directors held their meeting in the city of Miami. The purpose was to evaluate their accomplished objectives through 2022 and to start the course of action for 2023.

Isabel Muench, Executive Director, emphasized that the meeting was very productive and the main focus of the Association in 2022 was the organization of the World Candle Congress. Isabel pointed out that “At the beginning of the year it seemed like ALAFAVE members’ participation would be minimal due to the traveling restrictions imposed by COVID. But as the date approached, many restrictions were eliminated and we were able to achieve great representation, which allowed us to raise funds to sponsor new projects and events for the years 2023 and 2024”.

Daniela Álvarez, communications committee coordinator, mentioned that “ALAFAVE remained strong during the pandemic thanks to the commitment of the board of directors who met regularly online to organize its first virtual congress in 2021. In addition, the development of new interactive platforms between members during 2022 helped to continue bonding during a time that sat us apart, we will continue to strengthen these initiatives during 2023 “. The Association is very satisfied with the results of the virtual programs that have been proposed and bring relevant information, in just “a click away”.
These initiatives have directed ALAFAVE to take a leap on becoming an Association with an omnichannel presence through its publications and social media Live events. We’ve created a YouTube channel, we offer specialized webinars on Zoom, our “Punto de Fúsión” newsletter is loaded with news about the industry worldwide and carries interviews to industry’s leaders. In addition, we provide multiple updates on our blogs, and keep our members connected through our WhatsApp group, among others.

The upcoming ALAFAVE’s annual candle congress, in Colombia, was a relevant topic discussed at the board meeting. Muench is optimistic on the level of participation this year. “Our goal is to have 150 participants and we believe that Cartagena is an ideal place to reunite our great ALAFAVE family. We have negotiated a very attractive rate with one of the best hotels in the area. The EXPO will be carried during the two main days of the Congress, allowing the manufacturers the opportunity to take the time to speak with all the suppliers present at the event. Also, our technical committee is interviewing professional speakers to cover different topics”. In addition to the massive participation of Colombian candle manufacturers, we are expecting a good representation of the Venezuelan candle manufacturers. On past events, it has been difficult for them to participate due to the visa requirements on many countries in the region and the very limited offer of flights from Caracas.

A Fire Prevention and Control Committee was created during this meeting, and it is led by the Ecuadorian candle manufacturer Pedro Pacheco. The purpose of this committee is to share experiences on how to properly equip their companies, and educate the personnel to troubleshoot and prevent any catastrophes. As an added benefit to our members, a progress report will be shared.

Lastly, Muench confirmed that after the Cartagena candle congress there will be new positions open to form part of the Board of Directors. The invitation is open, anyone interested should send an email at [email protected] expressing how they plan to contribute to the Association. “We remind all those interested that your participation is totally voluntary and unpaid. We assure you that your greatest reward is to see how your leadership is strengthening the Latin America candle industry by creating an active Association at the service of all “.

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