Fragrance Trends 2021

Without a doubt, 2020 set the milestone in the development of new habits and forms of consumption worldwide it has also opened up an interesting opportunity for the candle industry.

The fact that people were required to stay home more and for longer periods, required living spaces to be comfortable, welcoming and even relaxing, which created an opportunity for candles, especially scented ones, to be in greater demand with greater recurrence.

In this article, three leading fragrance manufacturers and members of ALAFAVE share their 2021 trend forecast.

Orchidia Fragrances

By: Cindy Yu

Considering the unprecedented year, we dive forward to a year of gratitude, healing, and reconnecting – something we all so desperately crave. Now more than ever, fragrances play a crucial role in emotional wellness and will be a key differentiator among products. As consumers adjust to new realities, there will be two top trends that will be most influential in shaping the fragrance industry in 2021 and beyond. 

Holistic wellness and self-care – Appreciation of fragrances continues to accelerate and drive demand for creating at-home-spa experiences promoting comfort and healing. Clean, uplifting, serene fragrances for candles will be sought after to bring relief and tranquility to consumers.   

-Luminous Tranquility: An opening of bright citrus infuses with notes of white tea and sheer florals for a relaxed botanical feel, rounded by comforting layers of clean musk.

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Conscious fragrance:

A new level of consciousness will drive consumer demand for ethical, transparent and purposeful fragrances. Consumers will seek out products and fragrances that explicitly calls out “vegan” and “no animal ingredients/tested” claims. Balancing of natural and synthetic will create more inclusive fragrances layering more woody, earthy, warm notes.

-Embers & Ash: Notes of forest fir balsam and rich spices radiate over a cozy base of musk and warm sandalwood enveloped by the subtle sweetness of brown sugar.

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French Color

By: Jessica Kay


Poppy wildflowers represent vibrant color and exuberance. Its new found popularity is hosted by some of the most elegant players in the fragrance industry. The extreme fascination of poppy wildflowers stems from its visual beauty versus the flowers fragrance. However, the scent profile is very pleasant, consisting of notes between warm, dry earth and florals. Most only think of the poppy flower in regards to its analgesic effect however, this beautiful flower has a rich combination of nutrients and can also be used in many self care products. The Poppy wildflower is one of the most widely used symbolic flowers around the world. Some of the most common symbols include dreams, success and transformation – precisely what New Femininity is.

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 Blue Aloe

Blue Aloe has been on the rise and trending in both the aromatherapy and the home décor space with an overall growth in consumption. Within health and beauty, blue aloe is recognized for healing burns, inhibiting the growth of infectious bacteria, reducing dental plaque and preventing wrinkles.

Blue aloe has also become so popular due to the recent trend of urban greenery like rock gardens and succulent planters. They make the perfect accessories for the popular mid-century modern home décor look. Specifically, blue aloe is one of the top sellers in home décor because of its ability to adapt to most climates, its trouble-free care and its unusual and dramatic visual beauty. Narrow, upright, blue-gray leaves contrast nicely with the pale orange flower spikes that blossom on this plant. There is no denying that this fuss-free succulent is here to stay and will continue to flourish in popularity.

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By: Dominik Illger

We are amid unexpected and quickly evolving societies and accelerated competition, and we are facing the consequences of increasing environmental damage. We feel the need to regain privacy and find moments of peace. There is a primal desire to nest and to create a comforting and familiar home. We want to feel free and be able to enjoy our “Me Time.” It‘s all about creating an individual place we want to return to.

This season, we are thinking about our nesting instinct and how it shapes our homes. We are restless makers, forming and bending our world by hand and by technology to make it ours. As a counterbalance, we are reconnecting with nature and our roots, our breath: the source of life and our power of love and laughter — this is the place where we really feel at home wherever we are.


This trend reflects the return of privacy – the attempt to hide from big data, from the white noise and to re-enter the offline world. We want to be unique again, revealing our individualism and empowering our free will. Our home is presented with sophisticated discretion to our inner circle. Home décor is colored in understated, cool, edgy and sparkling mineral shades. This is a palette of mineral inspired colors that mixes nature and science.

Woodsy Smoke: Everyone and Everything; Woody – Guaiac Resin – Leather

Peppered Amberwood: Authentic; Lavender – Black Pepper – Ambergris

Moringa Leaves & Cypress: Predestined; Green Cypress – Fir Needle – Patchouli

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Stop and breathe! Let us indulge the celebration of “Me Time“and rediscover yourself. Attentiveness leads us to take a deep breath and a close look at happiness which often is overlooked in everyday life and to feel the sparkle of joy. Embrace euphoria with lively colors, wishing to create a happy, playful and straightforward environment. This palette is restful, balanced and harnessing the colors of sunrise. “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

Escape: Rise and Shine; Bergamot – Orange Blossom – Sandalwood

Rhubarb Tarte: RHUBARB TARTE Me Time; Rhubarb – Cream – Red Berries

Tangerine Dream: Vivid; Juicy Orange – Sweet Lime – Zesty Tangerine

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