“The Congress in Cartagena will provide an ideal environment to promote our businesses.” Jesús Huerta

Everything is ready for the new chapter of the Latin American Candle Manufacturers Congress and Suppliers Expo, to be held at the charming city of Cartagena, Colombia, as reported by Jesús Huerta, Mexican manufacturer and ALAFAVE’s Treasurer.

According to Huerta: This congress will hold 2 days of Expo, giving manufacturers more time to expand on their inquiries. “Our purpose is to promote spaces for technical support and generate business opportunities among suppliers and manufacturers; so far, the response has been very satisfactory.”

Huerta mentioned how the Board of Directors strategically chose the most attractive location and dates to achieve greater participation. “With Cartagena, we wanted to create an ideal environment to promote our business and, at the same time, attract a good number of Colombian manufacturers, which has been achieved. We are also excited with the incoming presence of a group of Venezuelan colleagues who in recent years have been practically absent from our events; and the location has made it easier for them to participate”.

Regarding the technical program, there will be a “Dr. Vela” session with a panel of experts discussing topics related to the storage of raw materials and safety guidelines to reinforce these practices in the factories. “We want to make members aware of the risks and trends in industry safety, specifically on good practices to prevent fires, this type of event can easily change the life of a manufacturer in a matter of minutes,” reported Huerta.

The agenda will include workshops where members will have the opportunity to discuss the present and the future of the candle market, the challenges and commitments needed to strengthen the candle industry. The second day will carry a workshop entitled: “Innovating for business success”, in which a digital marketing specialist will share the tools to create a good digital strategy, to gain and retain customers, among other ecommerce tools.

Jesse Huerta concluded by inviting the attendees to actively participate in the entire event. “This congress was planned to include various activities to be shared in a relaxed atmosphere, to get to know each other more, and to continue growing the family ambience that is typical of our association, in the end, this is what makes our association strong.”

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