Ecotherapy, Fragrance trends 2023 – Fabiany Muñiz

There is a growing need to connect with nature and certain nostalgia to reconnect with our origins. If you’ve been falling short on patience at work and catch yourself daydreaming working remotely at a paradisiac location; then hear me out and take advantage of the ideas that I bring you to get you inspired into designing new products for the first half of 2023.

Ecotherapy will be a key concept that will increase the consumers purchasing needs and interest in 2023. This is a concept that unites the power of aromatherapy, holistic therapies, and alternative medicine with sciences such as psychology, architecture, interior design, physiology, and occupational health.

Earth’s minerals and natural compounds have an incredible healing power for our wellbeing: body, emotions, mind, and spirit (1). When we align nature’s element along with our thoughts, sleeping patterns, and what we eat, we actively move towards a better way of life, a wholesome healthy and vanguard lifestyle.

This trend is about using everything on earth to improve our lives. Creating a regenerative change that helps the preservation of organic products, protecting the earth and everything it has to offer. Whether it is to improve your health or to cure a disease, each ingredient and remedy is there for us, we just have to use it.

Products must include sustainable elements, plant-based or healthier alternatives, convenience, and modern indulgence, otherwise they may not capture the attention of the buyer and it may not succeed in these changing times.

Beauty care and household products feature natural and edible ingredients such as coconut, honey, acai, ancient grains, hemp, and chia(2). Many popular products are full of chemicals, but we are now realizing that what we put on our bodies is just as important as the food we consume.  Coconut is not considered a new trend on the healthy food sector, but it is being introduced in such innovative ways that it is now replacing less healthy products, such as tortillas which are being substituted for coconut wraps. Coconut is widely used in beauty products, and it is now highly seen in the massage and scented candle market.

Scents inspired on the outdoors such are lush, green, and fresh smells, light woods are great too, especially evergreens fit into the wellbeing trend. Water and are also going to be great scents to take advantage on this return to the great outdoors.

On the other hand, remote work or home office is here to stay. With everything that happens throughout the year, we can easily be worn-out, and the only remedy is an escape to a tropical oasis. Self-care is very important to avoid burnout, we need to completely disconnect from the world, kick back and relax surrounded by white sands and crystal blue water.

2023 brings a new “Home Office” space seeking to recreate an oasis of relaxation and escapism with products beyond aromatherapy that provide the user a sensory experience, combining sound, aromas, and visual elements. Products that promote mental relaxation and simulate travel escapes will be highly desired. (4) We will see the rise of products with fragrances that make us “feel better”. COVID-19 has not only become an indicator of how important our physical health is, but it has also raised awareness on how essential our mental well-being is. People desperately want to feel joyful, happy, and rewarded.

New products should be designed aiming to improve consumer’s moods by triggering positive feelings. Fragrances with clean and airy notes such as seaweed and paradise beach themes will be in high demand.

“Feel Good or Well-being” trends offer a feeling of genuine joy, like a colorful rain on the cloudiest day. It is a trend that seeks to lift the consumer’s spirits and allows them to forget their worries for a moment.  For this reason, I recommend candles with bright and juicy peach notes (5) it is a fresh, fun, and pleasant scent. These types of notes are reminiscent of spring or summer vibes, surprisingly, new launches in 2023 will include banana notes to brighten up our endless days.

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