5th World Candle Congress

Let there be light…on four days!

“The world unites in candle light”

It is not necessarily Nostradamus’ prophecy, but the event is real and eminent. Three years have passed and we are closer to the four days with the greatest light and luminescence of the international candle industry. The date of April 4-8, 2016 should already be booked on your agenda.

3A source of luminosity will irradiate from the Caribbean sea, the enchanted island, Puerto Rico; from there it will expand to the world, at least we know that it will strongly impact Latin America, The United States and Europe.

The 5th World Candle Congress and Suppliers Trade Show 2016 is around the corner. None of our members should miss this opportunity where “the world unites in candle light” jointly organized by ALAFAVE and NCA ready to make history happen.

We have high expectations from the event that will open up business opportunities, networking, and meetings among leaders; in addition to gathering the crème of the crème of the candle industry. This is a unique opportunity to learn and innovate out of the knowledge acquired from the technical presentations and workshops which focus on the topics that affect our industry. Amongst other topics we’ll discover the latest fragrance trends, wax, colorants, safety and regulation, packaging, pricing, consumer trends and everything in regards the global market of candles.

The Congress will have the participation of prominent and well known experts such as Greg M. Adamson, Dr. in Toxicology and Biochemistry. He has been executive of topmost companies such are Procter & Gamble, Avon and now Giuvadaun. Greg will talk about the safety and fast changing regulations of fragrance use in candles and air care products.

Lisa Wallick, research and development Director at Symrise, with a Master’s degree on business administration from Connecticut University, has over 2 decades of experience in the fragrance industry and her presentation will be: “making sense of scents” which will focus on innovating concepts for the air care market and its performance, Lisa will also introduce the latest fragrances and consumer market trends.

Candle combustion will be discussed by Bruce Campbell one of the original founders of Wicks Unlimited. Bruce expertise comes with over seventeen years of knowledge in the industry. He has created six patents related to the candle industry, and will explain the process that a candle undergoes from when it’s lit through its extinguishing state.

Furthermore, Dr. Bogdan Comanita, President of MarketChemica Inc. will present a wide array of important facts related to the candle market. The Author of dozens of patents and new global markets will discuss the trends and regulations of candle exports from India to the world. We’ll be provided with specific data on this commercial exchange as well as data on volumes, prices, types of candles and participating companies.

The all-star parade will continue with Tom Vetterly, Vice-president of Mayzo Technologies, Inc. whom will offer valuable information on stabilizers technology and its performance on candle formulations. This expert will share his knowledge to improve the quality of our formulas and expand our product line.

On the other hand, Jaqueline (Jackie) Martinez, currently responsible for customer service at Packaging USA, will present the topic “thermo packaging in the candle manufacturing and developing” the expert on sales and marketing, native from El Salvador, will provide all the details on this process useful for candle packaging.

The attendees will take advantage from the talent and experience of Wedo’s expert Steven West, who will delight us with his presentation “Candle fascination.” His presentation will embrace interesting scientific facts on candles and their universal role on cultures, for example, candles as an essential element on celebrations and their powerful political symbol. RECOMMENDED!

As if all these surprises were not enough, the congress is honored to welcome the prominent speaker Michelle Lamb, Director of “The Trend Curve” a prestigious publication of global trends. Michelle is an important consultant to various companies in the United States and the world, she will describe the horizon of global trends in color and fashion for 2017.

Without a doubt we’ll have a great diverse group of industry experts that will guarantee valuable information, strategies for success, and a strong drive to improve our businesses, but most importantly an unforgettable experience in the presence of the rest of our family members of ALAFAVE and our friends of NCA.

This unique event will be hosted in the exclusive Wyndham Gran Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa. The conference registration and hotel reservations will start December 15,2015 from the moment you register you will be making a difference. Members of NCA and ALAFAVE have decided on a good way to give back to the communities where the congress takes place. In an initiative to share the success of the 5th World Candle Congress and trade show 2016, and upcoming congresses, both associations will designate a donation of $10 USD out of each registration to support “Casa Cuna de San Juan” (orphanage at San Juan, Puerto Rico). You will be able to donate a different amount during registration if you wish to do so. This is a way in which the industry can also illuminate the life of people, in this case, that of little ones in need.

For this and many other reasons, it is in our best interest to begin this great joint adventure that will carry the light to a great part of the world.

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