World Candle Month is around the corner

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    World Candle Month is around the corner

    Each September, the North American Candle Association (NCA) celebrates World Candle Month by inviting people to “pause and appreciate the moments of pleasure in everyday life.”

    The Latin American and European associations, ALAFAVE and ECMA, respectively, have added their support to this initiative that began in 2013.  The promotion of the campaign among their members will aid towards a global reach.

    “Share the light” is the theme selected for this year’s campaign. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic experiences, the manufacturers wish to send a message of hope, solidarity, and optimism to the consumers. Kathy LaVanier, former president of the NCA, shares her vision on this initiative and provides some details on the planned activities.


    “Share the light” sounds like a very good theme in this post-pandemic era. How important are candles nowadays?

    Candles have become a key product during Covid. Whether they are for personal use or as gifts; their soothing light and scent can create a calming ambience that helps you focus at work. Essential oils are said to contain therapeutic benefits to better concentration and focus, which can lead to more accurate and targeted work results. The ritual of lighting a candle in the family or kitchen area now signals the transition of the day and space from work to home. Candles as gifts; share the emotions and well wishes through the thoughtful selection of fragrance and packaging characteristics specifically selected for the recipient.  In that respect they are very tailored to each gift giving occasion and so very personal. With the pandemic continuing to challenge us, it is important to continue to encourage one another.

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    What public activities will you be conducting this year?

    With everyone working from home this past year, the main promotion for the Candle Month has been online.  Social media has been the major tool used by our regular and retail members. Candle month is an autumn event, so we are highlighting posts such as decorating, and crafting focused on bringing the family back inside and celebrating all the opportunities to decorate the home with festive fall colors and fragrances that bring back memories. Facebook and Pinterest have seen fall posts run up thousands of views. Yankee in particular ran stories that reminded their clients it is candle month and to celebrate with favorite old and new scents. This year we’ll continue to rely on these platforms:

    In addition to manufacturers, will retail stores also be involved?

    COVID-19 has slowed down the participation of these physical businesses, however, we will be continually inviting them to join this beautiful activity. It is quite possible that by 2022 we will see it implemented.

    Ways to participate:

    -Tag and inform ALAFAVE about the activities or promotions of your brand we’ll share them in our social networks.

    -Be sure to use #WorldCandleMonth in your social media posts.

    -Participate in our webinar “Funnel Marketing: The way to sell online”, marketing strategies will be presented for the World Candle Month.

    -Visit   “World Candle Month” at, this is the number one site in the world for people looking for reasons to celebrate and the place where brands look to join these celebrations.  You will learn more about the history of this initiative and additional ways to promote it.

    * You must have attended our 2021 virtual congress to participate in the webinar, August 20. If you did not attend but are interested, email us at  [email protected]

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