World Candle Congress and Expo Special Edition

After the last World Candle Congress, three years ago, no one would have been able to predict the future that awaited us, nor the strong impact that these events would have on business dynamics. Despite the challenges, the perception of renewed energy at a global level reaches our sector.  The celebration of the seventh World Candle Congress comes at a time when all those who make up this great industry are eager to see each other, shake hands, and hug each other. In other words, the theme chosen for this year sums it up as, “Reunite to Reignite”.

This is a special article, where we wanted to present the opinions of people who have already attended these congresses, and the feeling of those attending for the first time.  At the end, the success of these events is based mainly on the professionalism and enthusiasm of those who attend.

Great expectation from candle manufacturers participating for the first time

Candle manufacturers are showing a great desire to grow from the technical and administrative standpoint. They are ready to make new contacts and learn from a different perspective the current situation to help give their companies a boost.

In this edition we have interviewed three candle manufacturers attending the WCC for the first time. Their comments reveal a spirit of resilience which characterizes an industry like ours and makes us see the immediate future with optimism.

Rodrigo Rosado

” We are currently working 100%”

Boreal Producciones Peninsulares, located in Mérida, Yucatan Mexico, started its business manufacturing candles with religious images, somewhere along the line they introduced citronella and decorative candles. Their new project is to develop scented candles to achieve greater participation in direct sales channels (B2C sales).

Rodrigo Rosado is the General Manager at Boreal and expresses great enthusiasm for contacting suppliers and candle manufacturers from all over the world. He is excited to establish new business relationships and to learn about the new trends that will mark the coming years.

“We still lack the technical training to improve our manufacturing processes. We want to approach companies that will support us achieve quality candles, especially for the use of fragrances, as well as to improve the equipment/machinery”.

Rodrigo mentioned that the changes they had to endure during the critical period of the pandemic was not easy. Thanks to the participation of all their staff they were able to overcome the circumstances without affecting their performance. “Currently we are working 100% and focused on our new projects,” Rosado concluded.

Mario Cibilis

“The pandemic ended up being an opportunity for our company”

RILAPE S.A. was established in 1981 in Asunción, Paraguay,

They manufacture artisan and container candles on a smaller scale.  Their company has been under a comprehensive restructuring since 2020, but it is a process that has made them very optimistic with good projections for the future.  Mario Cibilis, the general manager at RILAPE said that the ALAFAVE virtual congress in 2021 was a great learning experience and that the expectations with the WCC are “enormous”, even more so when they are evaluating options to take the products outside their borders.

“We have favorable laws, clean and sustainable energy and a great capacity which makes us think about an export strategy. In this congress we seek to learn better manufacturing techniques, conservation, formulations, and automatic filling options”.

He comments that after years of difficulties, the company is now obtaining results that allow it to see the future more clearly. Cibilis mentioned: “The pandemic turned out to be an opportunity for the company and we believe that in this new stage, the congress, and the interaction with other colleagues will be of great help to meet our objectives.”

 Mario Villarreal

“It is wonderful to meet with candle manufacturers from other countries”

Parafina Luz con Fe, S.A. de C.V. established toward the end of 2013 in Apodaca, Nuevo León, México, manufactures religious and esoteric container candles and distributes them throughout the country.  Mario Villarreal, general manager, reported that they are currently aiming to automate their process and their expectation is to contact suppliers that allow them to successfully complete their system.  He mentioned that the idea of ​​meeting manufacturers from different parts of the world was fundamental in deciding to participate in the event: “Establishing business relationships, exchanging knowledge, and getting different perspectives amongst colleagues is priceless. It is wonderful to be able to get together and have a common topic that we are so passionate about: candles”.

The challenges caused by the raw material high prices and shortages during the pandemic led them to make many changes that still allowed them to maintain their quality standard and meet their commitments. “Through difficult times, faith never dies. Currently, we find ourselves with a lot of work and are prepared for any challenges that lie ahead,” he concluded.

Returning members share their past experiences at the WCC

A total of 3,400 participants and 370 exhibitors have participated throughout our seven World Candle Congresses since 2004. The comments have always been very positive.

The organizing associations take it as a great opportunity to take notes on what is happening in the industry and design their programs for the upcoming years.

Below, two regular attendees of these events share their impressions and highlight the importance of it for their businesses.

Mayra Moreno

“The World Candle Congress has made us grow as a company”

Mayra Moreno, Marketing Manager at Velas y Velones La Estrella, a religious candle manufacturer, located in San Cristóbal, Venezuela, has participated in 6 out of the 7 editions and describes her experience as “very productive”.  She said that the main contribution from the WCC has been the direct access to important industry suppliers from which she acquires quality raw materials such as paraffin, vegetable waxes, wicks, and dyes. In addition, what stands out to her are the presentations and the excellently organized technical agenda.

“Participating in the expo and sharing experiences with the attendees during the social events are elements that always motivate us to participate. The cities where the events have been held are attractive for tourism and have allowed us to disconnect and return to our jobs with enthusiasm. Definitively, the WCC has made us renew ourselves and grow as a company”, she concluded.

 Andrej Pantchenko

“We’ve participated at all the congresses, and we’ll continue to do so”

Herrhammer GmbH Spezialmaschinen, a well-known German machinery manufacturer, established in 1948 and based in Ochsenfurt, has participated as an exhibitor in all the WCC expos.

Andrej Pantchenko, Sales Manager, comments that it is a unique opportunity for them to be able to show the technological innovations to all attendees. “Having manufacturers from all over the world gathered in one place is a great opportunity to present our automated equipment, machines for mass production or individual machines for smaller quantities, in addition, manufacturers, with their doubts and needs generate very productive conversations”.

Pantchenko states that, in the most difficult stage of the pandemic, his company had to make many changes to continue with its operations, but currently it is stable with all processes. “The pandemic brought us many challenges that we managed to overcome and today we can look to the future with confidence. The WCC has always been very productive for us and that is why we have always participated and will continue to do so,” he concluded.

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