Summons request Be present and use your right to vote.

In accordance to the Bylaws of the Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association (ALAFAVE) the board of directors 2018-2020 (Alfredo Ocampo, President) requests the participation of the ALAFAVE members to our annual general assembly 2020 (#23). The meeting will be held virtually via ZOOM on Saturday August 8th, 2020 at 10:00AM-12:00 PM (CDT). You will have to register before the meeting. Be on the look out of our invitation. Our virtual room will be open since 9:30AM it will be strictly starting at 10:00 AM with the following tentative agenda:


(1) Keynote Speaker – Speech for the Latin American Candle Manufacturers
(2) President’s report
(3) Treasury report

  1. 2019 Financial results
  2. 1st semester 2020 – economic impact and results from the cancelation ALAFAVE-NY-2020 due to COVID-19
  3. 2nd semester 2020 results
  4. 2021 Membership dues proposal
  5. Budget 2021

(4) Communications Committee report

(5) Proposal working plan 2021- possible venues 2021

(6) Approval – Proposal for the Integration of the Board of Directors 2020-2022 (Ratification of powers, revocation of powers and surrender of powers)

(7) Miscellaneous

NOTE: If you are interested on being part of the Board of Directors ALAFAVE 2020-2022 or if you would like to nominate someone; please let us know before July 31st 2020, send us your proposal at


Best regards,






Alfredo Ocampo

President (2018-2020) ALAFAVE

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