It is the time…

During our lifetime, we are constantly taking decisions; all day, every day. Some decisions are low priority, and some other are radical and can transcendently change our life. During these uncertain times filled with crisis, it is hard for us industry leaders to take decisions before an uncertain present and future. On top of it all, the fear of letting down our family, employees, and our customers is also added to the pressure; as our companies represent their dreams and sustenance.

Nevertheless; IT IS THE TIME to keep calm and reminisce of the day we had the courage to start our dream with effort and sacrifices.

IT IS THE TIME to renovate and adapt to this “new reality” let’s stand up with the same strength with which one day we started developing our business.

IT IS THE TIME TO trust in the experience we’ve achieved, let’s accept the challenge and continue working, this is the only way we can push our companies forward and reactivate the economy in our countries.

IT IS THE TIME TO take decision to get out of the crisis. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Nicholas Murray Butler said: “there are only three groups of people: those who make things happen, those who see the things that happen, and those who wonder, what happened?” let’s ask ourselves which is our group?

Gustavo Delgado M.

ALAFAVE’s Vice President/Sec (2018-2020)

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