Covid19 – a word of encouragement in times of Covid-19

New days call for new beginnings, we sure have been dealing with an unexpected storm and we must tackle the difficult moment. Needless to say; the current situation has been challenging, we as candle manufacturers had to make difficult decisions regarding financial and human resources matters. Our industry, like many others, is seriously affected. The health of our colleagues, family, society in general, is a priority.  As it is said, he who fights is not dead; it is time to reinvent us, to be optimistic, to look ahead, to be prepared for the worst but hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, this year we will not be able to give each other the affectionate hug that we share at our annual congresses. We will be apart for a long time, but connected and united thanks to the use of technology. A new era begins, let’s create an opportunity out of the cisis, let’s be smart and drive the candle industry together to a greater stage. Let’s innovate let’s look ahead.

The candle industry illuminates the world and gives the light of hope that the planet needs, we are important, we must be more united than ever.

I send you a heartfelt hug, a lot of strength and let’s get our hands to work.


Alfredo Ocampo


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