Sao Vitor’s presentation summary

Passamanaria Sao Vitor was one of the workshop presenters at our annual ALAFAVE congress. Mr. Leandro Nogueira, innovation & development wick specialist, and import & export manager at Sao Vitor, shared some of his insights on determining proper candle wicks with the attending candle manufacturers.

Modern high-quality wick production needs to focus on new wick materials such as cellulose, creative braiding techniques and novel chemical treatments to ensure stable candle flames with minimal production of soot and carbon, and the development of appropriate wax pools in today’s complex candle formulations.

During the Sao Vitor wick workshop, Mr. Nogueira presented the relationship between the different types of wicks and their construction to the rate of combustion of a candle.  It is important to note that any changes to the base wax (addition of color, fragrance and other additives) can alter the burn performance, flame size, and wax pool diameter. For example, the choice of wax can affect the burn performance of the wick. In general terms, waxes of vegetable or animal origin, have larger and more complex molecules with a higher viscosity than paraffinic waxes and will require larger wick sizes to perform adequately.  When it comes to dyes and pigments these can inhibit the flame size and decrease the wax pool diameter as well. Candle fragrances can decrease or increase flame sizes depending on the types of aromatic compounds and/or additives used in the fragrance make-up.

We applaud the professionalism with which Leandro Nogueira presented and develop his topic: demonstrate to the candle manufacturers the most effective procedures in selecting the best wick for their candles; according to their wax blend, type and size of containers, the colors and amounts of fragrance used. All crucial information to ensure candle safety and good performance of a burning candle.


Thank you Leandro Nogueira and Passamanaria Sao Vitor for your presentation!

See you in our World Candle Congress 2019 in Barcelona

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2 thoughts on “Sao Vitor’s presentation summary

  1. Excelente artículo, donde puedo obtener la ficha técnica de los productos para determinar que tipo de mecha o pabilo debo usar en una vela que tiene 15 cm de diámetro y esta fabricada con el 85% de parafina de punto de fusión 58-60 y tiene un contenido de aceite de 0.65% y el resto de la masa es ácido esteárico.

    1. Buenas noches Alvaro, bienvenido nuevamente a ALAFAVE. Nos da mucho gusto que te guste nuestro artículo y esperamos contar con tu asistencia en el próximo Congreso Mundial, donde podrás participar en conferencias relevantes y obtener diferentes fichas técnicas que serán de tu interés, además de la posibilidad de hacer ¨networking¨ con personas de la industria,.

      Para esto, te invitamos a escribirnos a

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