Digital Marketing Summary

Mauricio Duque was our special guest during our 2018 ALAFAVE Congress. He instructed a master class in digital marketing. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most mind blowing classes that ALAFAVE has witnessed.

For those wanting to resolve their queries about digital marketing, Mauricio Duque taught us some fundamental steps (technical and rhetorical) to get started on any online processes.

According to Mauricio Duque, first of all, you must know realistically your business budget, the investment, costs and expenditures, and of course the product, and a brand to sell in Amazon. For this, one must know how to list the product to have better and more visibility, which can only be achieved by having a good Trend and Niche Hunter (Duque remarks-that is the key and secret to every successful story). Another good point was to learn to interconnect the right tactics to make direct marketing with Amazon Ads, and increase your sales exponentially.

Mauricio’s shared knowledge was the cherry to the cake in our Congress last April in Asuncion, Paraguay. He provided practical ideas on how to grow and convert your brand in a front-end business. He provided insight on the right tools, applications and technology needed to implement the changes and improve the process.

EUREKA! (or as said in Paraguay, Haaala Tuti!) One more challenge to learn, improve and master in our industry.


Did you know…?


If you attended the digital marketing presentation offered by Mauricio Duque during the ALAFAVE Congress 2018, and/or you’re up to date with your membership dues; then you should contact Claudia Duque at:  so that you can receive a one year, free membership, sponsored by ALAFAVE, to access a whole universe of digital marketing information.

During these “glow-balization” times, digital marketing platforms, sales through Amazon or Facebook, effective strategies to sell on social media, business opportunities in Google, methodology for internet projects and much more are very fundamental to feed the flame of our efforts. The membership includes all of this! Keep in mind that if you were to acquire it on your own, you would have to pay $359 USD. The good thing is that ALAFAVE, your family, is here to support you.


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Let’s continue to keep our flame on, until we lit the World Candle Congress 2019 in Barcelona!

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